1001 Inventions, Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Horseshoeshape recently completed three interactive installations for 1001 Inventions at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2011.

An interactive Surgery was developed which allows members of the public to diagnose and treat a wounded patient suffering from various ailments. Users receive guidance from three interactive videos of doctors as they navigate through the installation using a touchscreen. These videos help the user diagnose the ailment and subsequently treat the patient by selecting the correct tool or antidote.

A touchscreen wind tunnel simulation was also created which allows users to study the effects of air moving past solid objects. By either selecting a pre-defined object or freely drawing their own objects onto the screen, users are able view how streams of air react to the objects and view the resulting lift and drag calculations.

The third interactive created was a interactive globe, detailing various inventions and the places where they were invented. A solid sphere is used to control the interactive, the user spinning it to select an area on a large projected globe in front of them. Once an area is selected, a video plays with information about the area and the various things invented there.

Interactive Surgery
Interactive Globe
Wind simulation interactive
Wind simulation interactive in action