1001 Inventions, Abbas Ibn Firnas game

Horseshoeshape recently completed a flying game for 1001 Inventions that tells the story of Abbas Ibn Firnas (810-887 A.D), a respected polymath and inventor who is said to have made an attempt at flight using a set of wings.

The object of the game is to keep Abbas flying for as long as possible, using your own arms as wings. Whilst dodging enemies and collecting prizes along the way.

A Microsoft Kinect was used to detect people flapping their arms up and down, which in turn powered Abbas's flight. Enemies and prizes fly across the screen in the opposite direction as Abbas. As enemies are hit, Abbas' energy decreases making him more difficult for the user to control. As prizes are hit, Abbas' energy increases making Abbas easier for the user to control.

Interacting with the Abbas Ibn Firnas game
Interacting with the Abbas Ibn Firnas game