Legion Classic

Legion is a game of skill and chance. It takes strategy and thought to play well, and no two games are the same. Legion Classic is played with a set of 81 Legion tiles on a board with 81 squares. The Legion Classic tiles are marked on each side with one dash, two dashes or a blank. Each tile is unique, and no two tiles have the same markings. The star in the centre of each tile is purple for tiles in play, grey for tiles already on the board.

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible.

Legion can be played well by children as young as 6, and currently has the option of either 1 player solo mode or two player challenge. If more would like to join in, it can be played by two teams. We are currently developing the three and four player versions, which will be provided free to purchasers of the first release.

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Midway through a game of Legion Classic