Sky Skills Studios

In summer 2011 we were asked by Engage Production, technology-led experience specialists, to provide programming for their latest project, the Sky Skills Studios.

Sky Skills Studios is a brand new experience for visiting school groups. Classes of up to thirty children get the opportunity to create their own 6 minute HD Sky News report.

The suite contains four separate studios and the children take individual roles such as camera operator, editor, presenter, writer or director and work together to plan, record and edit their own Sky news broadcasts. Each of the studios has a camera, green screen and multi touch edit table. Each team constructs a narrative on the edit table by selecting backdrop video clips, entering foreground text, recording, and finally editing the recorded clips. Over one thousand clips are available for background scenes to drop in behind the green screen recordings. The library clips and key information for each topic are viewable on Android tablets.

On completing their segment of the broadcast, each group's work is sent to a central computer where they are given some extra tweaks and a little sparkle by the on site Sky editor using Adobe Premiere and exported as a full hi-definition news broadcast.

The whole system is controlled by a custom admin/content management backend allowing Sky staff to upload new video content and topics for the broadcasts to revolve around. Switching topics is seamlessly done before each visit.

The Sky Skills Studio opened September 2012 and is already proving to be massivley popular.

"Yet again Horseshoeshape have shown they are willing to go the extra mile to overcome any technical problems and give a project that extra level of polish. Nothing seems to faze them and we couldn't have had a better team onboard" - Steve Blyth , Owner of Engage Production

Interacting with the touchscreen application.
Inside one of the studios.
Recording a clip.