Visa multitouch table

In April 2012, Horseshoeshape were asked by Engage Production to help create the software for a multitouch table shown at the 2012 Olympics.

The touch table software application consisted of 3 smaller sections; Team Visa, Photo Share and Product Zone. Each section opened up within the main structure and provided the familiar move/scale/rotate functionality.

Team Visa consisted of an interactive 3D globe. By spinning the globe on its x axis, users were able to navigate to particular regions. Selecting a country brought up a list of Visa sponsored athletes competing in the games who were representing the selected country. Users were then able to select individual athletes to find out more information about them.

The Photo Share section allowed people from around the Olympic park to send photos, via email, to the multitouch table. We built a system that checked a particular email address every few seconds. If a new email had arrived since the last check, the system would first figure out whether there was an image attachment, and if so, the image would be downloaded. The photo was then automatically loaded into an image carousel on the multitouch table where users could drag it into an 'edit area'. The edit area allowed users to draw on the photo using their fingers and then send the final image to a separate screen showing a gallery of all the images sent during the day.

As an extra part of the magic the invited guests could take photos using a newly launched Samsung S3. We wrote a native Android app branded as VISA that sent these images directly to the touch table software via wi-fi

The Product Zone section consisted of two smaller sections. One of which was a jigsaw. Users competed against the clock to complete the jigsaw, their names being entered into a top ten scoreboard if they were fast enough. The second section of the Product Zone consisted of a number of small presentations of various products and services that Visa provide.

The table in situ, image from Engage Production
Screenshot of the Visa software